MPs, lawyers and journalists call for exemption from RIPA powers

The Guardian is reporting that MPs, lawyers and journalists have called for special exemptions from the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (Ripa).

Critics of May’s safeguards fear that the police will still have sweeping powers allowing them to authorise themselves to access the phone and email records of professionals such as journalists, lawyers, doctors, MPs and priests who handle privileged, confidential information.

More than 3,000 national and regional editors are being asked to sign a joint letter from the Society of Editors and Press Gazette, the industry’s journal, condemning the Home Office joint code for failing to recognise “the overarching importance of protecting journalists’ sources”.

Encrypt UK is concerned by the limited scope of these campaigns, which appear to support a two-tiered realpolitik that affords protections to a privileged minority of British citizens while leaving the general public out in the cold.