The Encrypt UK Charter

Our stated goals are:

To Counteract Proposed Surveillance Measures

Use commercial advertising, social media and door-to-door campaigning and other means to ensure that unworkable and draconian laws are struck off the agenda as early as possible.

To Introduce New Privacy Laws

Introduce legislation to enhance existing data protection laws:

  • By 2017, require end-to-end encryption of instant messaging platforms that are commercially operated.
  • By 2019, regulate the mobile telecommunications industry to require secure, audited end-to-end encryption of voice calls, video calls and text messages in all new smartphone handsets sold in the UK.

To Ensure Representation in a British Bill of Rights

In the eventuality that a national Bill of Rights is introduced by Westminster to replace the EU Human Rights Act and authority of the ECHR, ensure that the right to encrypt and the right to privacy are granted the strongest protections under law.

To Provide Assistance to Individuals

Provide guidance and advocacy for individuals and organisations who have been compelled to divulge private encryption keys or passphrases.

To Assist Companies

Coordinate standardisation of protocols with existing standards bodies and advise government on best practices.